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The service station industry’s best-kept secret

The service station industry’s best-kept secret

February 04, 2016 Trevor Stroud

Picture the scene. Your customer, Gemma, has filled up the tank of her Audi. She’s got the kids in the back and is off to her mum’s for the weekend. She hasn’t been quite organised enough though. While she’s set off early to miss the traffic, she’s failed to prepare snacks for the children. And they’re already hungry and moaning.

Gemma walks across the forecourt and into your store. She’s on a snack-to-keep-the-kids-happy mission. What’s the first thing she sees? 

The same old (unhealthy) crisps, chocolate and sweets? Cornish pasties and sandwiches in plastic packaging? (Also not really ticking the health box for conscientious Gemma!)

Or none of the above?

Read on to discover the service station industry’s best-kept secret. And how you can use it to make customers happy, and keep them coming back for more

Give your customers what they didn’t know they were looking for

In fact, the first thing that catches Gemma’s eye is your Cranberry Twist & Taste Dispense System.


It’s packed with nuts and dried fruit from our incredible wholesale range.

Perfect! (Gemma thinks.) Raw nuts for Sam. Mixed berries for Arlo. And honey macadamias for me. Done!

Gemma helps herself to her choice of snacks. The self-dosing, single use system means that it’s incredibly easy, as well as being hygienic. Plus the secure, closed dispenser means all of her snacks are completely fresh.

She makes her way to the till. Pays for her fuel and the delicious snacks. And walks back to her car.

Sam and Arlo are delighted with mummy’s choice. Gemma’s happy too, as they’re eating food with genuine nutritional value. They all munch away companionably. From an inauspicious start, the journey is a complete success.

Gemma will be back. And she tells her friends about her experience.

Stand out from the crowd with the Cranberry Twist & Taste Dispense System

It’s a tough time for service stations, with ever rising fuel costs and increased competition. So you need to find a way to distinguish your business from the rest.

Your customer might be alone or with a car-full of friends and family. In the middle of a long journey or on a quick trip to grab the newspaper. Whatever their reason for being there, they’ve chosen you. This is your chance to give them a reason to come back.

And that’s where the Cranberry Twist & Taste Dispense System comes in. It’s incredibly eye-catching, and provides your customers with a fresh, healthy snack option for their journey. The freestanding display can be adapted to fit your requirements and holds up to 48 different items from our enticing, inviting wholesale range.

Our single use system lowers the risk of contamination and removes the need for cleaning. So once a dispenser is empty, you can remove and replace it in seconds. Plus you can utilise the power of the Cranberry brand.

One major service station chain is already using the Cranberry Twist & Taste Dispense System. Will you be next?

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Trevor Stroud


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