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The secret to boosting brain power and avoiding the afternoon slump

The secret to boosting brain power and avoiding the afternoon slump

February 04, 2016 Trevor Stroud

Revealed: The secret to boosting brain power and avoiding the afternoon slump

Let’s be honest. Getting through a day at the office can be tough.

You start the day full of vigour and good intentions. But, not long after lunch, you begin to feel jaded. The high energy of the morning has long gone and you’re clock watching, willing the seconds to pass.

Juggling emails, calls and meetings while trying to keep your eyes open is no fun. Plus you’re far more likely to make mistakes if you’re battling fatigue.

So how do you avoid this situation?

You’d be surprised at just how much what you eat can affect the way you work.

Read on to discover the best snack categories to keep your energy high and help your brain function at its optimum level, to mid afternoon and beyond.

Gorgeous Grains

If you want to stay focused, your brain needs energy in the form of glucose. Grains, with their low GI, release glucose slowly, allowing you to feel energetic – and on the ball in the office – all day.

Encompassing everything from barley to quinoa and corn to buckwheat, whole grains are a wise choice if you’re trying to impress colleagues with your mental prowess.

Looking for a grain-y snack? Then you need to try our Smokey Almonds & Corn. Intoxicatingly inviting and deliciously nutritious, you’ll benefit from the combined goodness of corn and almonds. (And you’ll be an object of envy with this winner of the office snack stakes.)

Nourishing Nuts

We may be biased. But if you’re looking for a brain boosting, energy lifting snack to get you through the day, there is seriously nothing better than vitamin-and-mineral rich nuts.

From walnuts and cashews to hazelnuts and pistachios, nuts offer a whole host of benefits. (For more on that, see Are You A Health Nut?)

And if you haven’t already, you need to spend time exploring the Cranberry range. From the pure delicious goodness of our Raw Mixed Nuts to the sweet and spicy sensation of our Honey Chilli Hazelnuts, you’ll pin down your ultimate office pick-me-up.

Vivacious Vegetables

From carrots and kale to spinach and seaweed, you can rely on plant power to get rid of tiredness and stimulate your brain.

Packed with omega fatty acids and fibre, seaweed is full of folic acid, which improves verbal and memory performance. While spinach – in addition to the Popeye affect, of course – prevents damage to your DNA. And don’t forget about broccoli, which contains Vitamin K to increase your cognitive function.

Sensational Seeds

Whether you sprinkle them on your salad or scoff them at your desk, seeds are brilliant brain food.

Looking for a mood enhancer as well as a power boost? Sunflower seeds contain protein, omega fatty acids, B vitamins and tryptophan.

Want to enhance your mental agility and your memory? Try pumpkin seeds, full to burst with Zinc.

Fantastic Fruit

Blueberries, avocados, tomatoes. Diverse (in colour, taste and texture, just about everything, really) yet delicious, they make a deliciously guilt-free addition to your office snack drawer.

Want to increase blood blow to the brain and feel energetic quickly? Rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, the mighty avocado is a great choice for both.

Trying to improve brain function and protect it from free radial damage? Tomatoes are the way forward.

Or, of you’re trying to improve your memory, blueberries are proven to be a solid choice.

All it takes is a little planning. And you can say goodbye to those head-resting-on-your-desk moments for good. Leaving you full of physical and mental energy, and all your colleagues full of admiration.

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