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Healthy snacking for kids – that won’t damage their teeth

January 18, 2016 Trevor Stroud

Do your children need a mid-morning boost to see them through till lunchtime? Are they weak at the knees by the time they’re home from school, unable to wait until teatime for food?

For those occasions when they just can’t stave off the hunger, it’s crucial to pick the right snacks for your children – and not just those with nutritional value. You need to be conscious of their dental health too.

But don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of teeth-healthy snack suggestions. Just follow our tips to ensure your children’s teeth stay pearly white and filling free! Here’s a (by no means exhaustive) list of suggestions to keep them snack happy, and their teeth and bodies healthy.
  • Go nuts for nuts! Provided your children aren’t allergic, nuts are a fantastic all rounder – Not only do they contain heart-healthy fatty acids, they’re also packed with vitamins and minerals that are great for teeth. Plus, from pistachios to pecans, they’ve really got the yum factor! Check out the Cranberry range here.
  • Fresh fantastic fabulous fruit! From bananas to blueberries and apples to apricots, fresh fruit is great for children’s bodies and teeth. It’s full of vitamins A and C, and the chewing is great for their gums. But beware, while citrus fruits are a wonderful source of nutrients, they’re highly acidic so get your children to drink some water (or brush) after eating.
  • Choose cheese! While it might sound odd, cheese is one of the best snacks you can choose for your children’s teeth. Not only is it packed with calcium, but it stimulates the saliva glands which clears out debris, making it a great all rounder. 
  • Poppingly good! Get out your saucepan and lid and get popping! Kids will love the sound effects, and – provided you resist the urge to add sugar – their teeth will benefit too.
And, for occasions when only something chocolate-y will do – let’s face it, we all have those moments – just try keeping treat portions tiny. That way, you’ll minimise any possible damage – and manage their expectations for next time!

If you’re fed up with choruses of ‘boring!’ whenever you produce a snack, why not try donning aprons and get baking with your children? Check out our range of recipes for inspiration.


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