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Beautiful branding, perfect packaging and a wonderful website: Discover the new look Cranberry

October 28, 2015 Trevor Stroud

It’s all change here at Cranberry and we’re pretty excited about it.

Not only do we have an exciting new look for our brand. We’ve put the mouth-watering snack sensations from our Classic and Gourmet ranges in our very own packaging. And we’re launching our new website, where it’s easy and fun for you to browse our products and get interactive.

Read on to discover more about our website launch and brand revamp.

Discover dazzling delicacies by browsing our Classic and Gourmet ranges

Looking to brighten your afternoon at the office? Supercharge your work out? Keep your family’s snacking interesting and nutritious? Find a snack to meet your dietary requirements that isn’t bland or boring?

Whatever your requirement, our recipes will transport you to your snack happy place. From spiced nuts crunch to mixed berry munch, you’ll fall in love with our deliciously healthy range of Classic snacks.

We’ve also created four entirely new flavour sensations to make up our Gourmet range.

And you’ll love our beautiful but practical packaging, which ticks both the ergonomics and aesthetics boxes.

As a result, our snacks are easy to enjoy while you’re on the move – or store to savour at a quieter moment.

Enter competitions, tell us what you think and generally get involved

At Cranberry, we love knowing what makes you tick, and how our products make you feel. That’s why we’ve devoted a whole section of our website to you.

Visit Your Cranberry to enter competitions, tell us what you like about our products, and give us your views on what flavours you think we should experiment with next.

First up? ‘What’s your Cranberry face?’ Tweet us with your pictures every Friday – it’s obviously a Friday thing! – and we’ll post the winner’s picture on our site.

Meet the Nut Expert and discover how and why we roast the Middle Eastern way

We owe a lot to the Nut Expert. And we’re very grateful. That’s why he gets his very own page.

The Nut Expert is our very own resident development chef. He’s the one who creates our intoxicating, tantalising concoctions. And he’s responsible for overseeing our roasting.

How do we roast? The traditional Middle Eastern way, of course. It’s a healthier process, as it doesn’t require adding oil. And it means our products have a more defined taste. Find out precisely how it works when you explore our site.

As you can probably tell, we’re bouncing up and down (and off the walls) with excitement about our new look! We hope you enjoy exploring the site, browsing our products and generally getting to know us. 

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