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Are you giving cinema-goers a healthy snack option?

June 10, 2016 Trevor Stroud

For some people, going to the cinema is all about the popcorn. But not Saskia and Beth. They love films, and look forward to their monthly trip to see everything from Hollywood blockbusters to art house releases.

However, they’ve never bought a cinema snack before. They’re not into chocolate or popcorn. And all those sweets, open for anyone to stick their grubby fingers in? No thanks!

This time though, the moment they’re inside your foyer, Beth grabs Saskia’s arm in excitement. ‘Look’, she whispers, ‘Yum!’ They both turn to stare, wide eyed, at your latest investment: The Cranberry Twist & Taste Dispense Unit.

Read on to discover how you can boost your pre-film snack sales by giving cinema-goers the healthy snacks they’ve been holding out for.

Excite your customers with delicious, healthy snacks

‘Mmmm, I’m going to try Honey Cinnamon Cashews and Mixed Berries’, Saskia’s saying in animated tones, scanning the 20 different fruit and nut options in your Twist & Taste unit. ‘And Smoked & Spicy Almonds, amazing.’

They both grab a bag and start helping themselves. The self-dosing system on the unit makes it incredibly straightforward. Just one twist, and Saskia’s cashews are in her bag.

Give them peace of mind that everything is hygienic and fresh

Beth has just cottoned on to something else about the Twist & Taste unit. The single, self-dosing system makes it easy to select snacks without compromising hygiene and food safety.

‘Saskia’, she smiles and totally relaxes, ‘no one else has touched them!’

She’s right. All the fruit and nuts in the unit are secured in closed dispensers, which means that Beth and Saskia can enjoy them at their fantastic fresh best, without worrying about picking up germs.

Then let them savour the flavour and spread the word

They weren’t planning on buying anything (other than their cinema tickets). But Beth and Saskia approach the kiosk, happy to be spending more than they’d intended. They head into their film, unexpectedly surprised and totally delighted with their find.

They love their deliciously healthy snacks. And they tell their friends.

It’s simple and straightforward for you too

And it isn’t just your customers who will love it. The Twist & Taste unit doesn’t require cleaning, as the dispensers are single use. They’re also made with reusable materials, so once they’re empty you simply remove, recycle and replace, all of which takes just seconds.

The freestanding display can be adapted to fit your requirements, and can hold up to 70 of our meticulously sourced products.

But don’t worry, if you’re finding it hard to narrow your choice down, we’re on hand to offer an insider’s perspective.

And remember, it isn’t just the Beths and Saskias of this world who love healthier snacking options. From conscientious parents and those with dietary requirements to anyone looking for a guilt free treat, you’ll surprise, entice and delight cinema-goers with our Twist & Taste Dispense Unit.

Contact us on +44 (0)20 8961 8686 to discuss how the Cranberry Twist & Taste Dispense Unit will boost your snack sales. 

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